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C-Suite and Board Coaching

Through RW2, Ron coaches CEOs and c-suite corporate executives on the development of strategy and transformational leadership grounded in core values. He also works with corporate and non-profit boards on transformational leadership and CEO succession.

Ron is currently coaching 20 c-suite leaders on CEO level activity.

First Obligations of Leaders – “Know Thyself”

Being a transformative leader is an ongoing process of self-discovery and reinvention. Guiding this journey is a set of obligations – or ethical imperatives – that form the foundation of leadership. The first of these obligations is to develop a personal philosophy of leadership.

CEO Succession and Transition

The most important decision a board makes is selecting the company’s Chief Executive and ensuring a timely and effective transition. As a Chairman, a Chief Executive Officer, and a current or former director of nine different publicly traded companies, Ron brings an insider perspective to decisions surrounding the way a board executes on its chief responsibility.